Many of the families with which we work need their own transportation. Southern New Castle County, Cecil and Kent Counties are largely rural, and finding and keeping a job, attending school, etc. necessitates reliable transportation. If you have a gently used car that is reliable and in fair to excellent condition, that you are willing to donate to one of our families, please contact us at 410-275-2194.  We ask that you have all the necessary papers relating to the vehicle and that you comply with IRS regulations regarding vehicle donations.

When Deep Roots was founded, Carlos and Lauren Hillary’s family was one of the first to enroll in our community program. They have made great efforts to attend our events. Unfortunately, the lack of reliable transportation continues to be a roadblock. This family resides in Smyrna and volunteers make every effort to transport the kids to as many events as possible. Because this family works as a unit, when transportation allows mom and dad will attend the events as well, but vehicle space is always limited and children have priority. This lack of transportation has affected this family’s participation in Deep Roots events, and is also a key contributing factor as to why the family has yet to become self-sufficient. Dad has been actively seeking employment, but the lack of transportation is a huge barrier in obtaining and maintaining a job. Currently, the family has limited income living off Social Security Disability benefits, but this family has a desire to move forward. With a medically fragile child, that requires extensive medical treatment, and Dad’s desire to work and provide for his family obtaining a vehicle would be life changing for this family. A vehicle would help the parents meet the needs of their children and move family closer to a stable life.

Deep Roots itself requires a number of vehicles. We provide transportation for many of our residents to and from medical / legal appointments, job interviews, house searches, parent-teacher interviews, and so on. In addition, we provide extensive transportation to children and youth involved in our outreach programs. Further, we transport furniture, appliances and construction materials. Our current need list is:

  • Minivan and / or small SUV
  • Heavy-duty pickup truck
  • 15-passenger van

Again, if you think you could help, please call us at: 410-275-2194.  Thank you!