Items We Are Unable to Accept

We are deeply grateful to the many friends who think of us and wish to make donations. However, there are certain items we cannot accept at this time due to storage constraints, repair and / or disposal costs, and the non-likelihood of the items being adopted within a reasonable time period.

Please call before bringing any furniture to us. 410-275-2194. Our storage space for large items is very limited and our turnover for items is slow and unpredictable. Please read the information on our Furniture Barn page for further details.  Please note that we cannot pick up furniture donations nor can we deliver furniture.  Please plan accordingly. We are also UNABLE to accept mattresses.

Computer Equipment
Please call before bringing any equipment to us. 410-275-2194. Only new or lightly used computers (desktop and laptop), scanners, disks/holders, keyboards, monitors, fax machines, copiers, typewriters and printers will be accepted because we are unable to properly clear and test systems, much less upgrade them.  Also, disposal is costly if the items are too old and / or unusable.

Old TVs and Video Players
We only accept functioning flatscreen LED / LCD / Plasma TVs that have been manufactured in the last 5 years, are cable ready, and have component (red/white/yellow) inputs. The year of manufacture is typically listed on a label on the back. All TVs must be tested before the donor leaves. We can only take them if sound works, picture is clear, and they’re ready for cable hookup. Please note, as with unusable computers, disposing of older TVs that don’t meet these criteria is costly for us.  VHS and DVD players should be recycled elsewhere.

Small Appliances
Includes air conditioners and most humidifiers because of used filter issues that may contravene certain health regulations. We cannot accept bread machines, toaster ovens, microwaves or space heaters.

Large Appliances
Please call first (410-275-2194) if you wish to donate an appliance. This is a timing and storage issue; it will depend on whether we have a family ready to move into their own home and whether we have available storage space. The item must be in good working order with minor blemishes.  If the item requires repair, please do not bring it to us.  Again our manpower and financial resources are limited.

Certain Infant Items
Strollers, car seats, highchairs, playpens and cribs. While Deep Roots’ mission is focused on supporting children, we cannot accept items that hold infants and toddlers. There are liability risks involved, and we are unable to keep up with recalls on these products.

Print Material
Encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines, periodicals and old books. These items become outdated quickly and rarely get taken.  Again, it is costly for us to store and dispose of these items.

Sports Equipment
Please call first (410-275-2194) if you wish to donate any sports equipment. 

Medical Equipment
Please be judicious in what you decide to donate. It may help to call first to see whether we have the space or the need for the items.