History of Clairvaux Farm

Clairvaux Farm is a 20-acre property located in southern Cecil County, Maryland. It is part of the Bohemia River Watershed. The property was historically a dairy farm that was parceled and sold in the early 1980s. Meeting Ground purchased the 20-acres in 1983 and operated the facility as a community where individuals experiencing homelessness could work and live together as they moved towards restoring their lives. At that time, the property had a farmhouse, two barns and an icehouse. Over the years, the additional buildings were constructed and the property housed single men, single women, and families, with an average capacity of 35 to 40 persons. In 2005, the original farmhouse was torn down and replaced with the new Family Building. Meeting Ground ceased operations on the property in late 2012 and eventually sold the property to Deep Roots in December 2013. For those readers, friends, supporters and others who would like to know more about the origin, philosophy and stories of Clairvaux Farm in Earleville, we suggest you read A Least Expected Heaven: Homelessness and the Spirituality of Meeting“.  It is available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle, and as a Barnes and Noble Nook.