Get Involved

Your help makes a difference.  Many volunteers every year help the Deep Roots community to provide mentoring, shelter, housing and other crucial services to children and their families experiencing homelessness.  Donations of time and talent help us continue the mission of breaking the cycle of homelessness.  Thank you for choosing to be involved!

Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals and groups at both Clairvaux Farm and with our Mentoring Program.  See lists of our volunteer opportunities for Groups or Individuals and Families.  We also partner with Volunteer Cecil.  Our volunteer application and background check form are on this page and information for workgroups is on this page.

Who Are Our Volunteers?

  • People who want to help the many people we serve each day begin to rebuild their lives.
  • Family and friends who want to spend time together while doing good.
  • Corporate, civic and faith groups that want to demonstrate their commitments to helping people in their communities.
  • People who want to learn more about the problems of homelessness and poverty on Maryland’s rural Eastern Shore and the Delmarva Peninsula.

Contact Us

We would be delighted to work with you! Please contact us to schedule a date and time or to request more information.

Phone: (410) 275-2194