Furniture Barn

If you are looking for furniture or appliances to furnish your own place, please call ahead to check availability and to schedule a pickup time.

If you are interested in donating furniture or appliances, please call us first at (410) 275-2194.  We have limited storage capacity, so there may be times that we cannot accept your furniture or appliance donation.  We may then request that you take your donation to another agency.

We regret to say that we cannot pick up furniture donations nor can we deliver furniture.  Please plan accordingly.

A few stains on the cushions or a couple tears on the armrests or minor dents in the side are one thing, but please do not donate a couch or other furniture items or appliances that won’t realistically have a second life in the hands of someone else.  We urge you to donate furniture and appliances that are in gently used condition and have no missing parts.

Please do not donate broken or otherwise unusable furniture items and appliances.

Do not donate any furniture infested with bedbugs.