Our Fall 2015 Letter

Fall Letter 2015 (hardcopy download)

Dear Mission Partners:

We are writing to you, as we anticipate the coming colder months. We need, and are so very grateful for, your ongoing support and partnership to make our work possible. Coming out of a very busy summer, in which our shelter has been full to overflowing, our cash is very low and our need is growing as we look toward the coming winter season.
Deep Roots’ mission is not primarily a program, rather it is a passion: a desire to intervene in the chaos that befalls children who are homeless. The heart of our mission is in our relationships with the children and their families. Above any other help we can offer, the hand and heart of loving friendship is what it’s all about.

It has not been yet two years since we worshiped together in the chapel to celebrate the re-opening of Clairvaux Farm (January 1, 2014) In the past 20 months we have rebuilt the residence buildings, increasing the housing capacity by 25%. As we write this letter, there are 12 families with children experiencing homelessness in residence. In the past 8 months of 2015 alone we have:

  • Served a total of 20 families consisting of 33 adults and 35 children, providing 5,415 bed-nights
  • Twelve (12) families have moved into permanent housing: 14 adults & 15 children.
  • Served 11,834 served from April thru August alone (We weren’t counting meals before April)
  • 42 additional children are being served though our Mentoring Program, which brings children & young people who have been homeless together in monthly outings for education, nurture, and fellowship.
  • Through the generosity of the United Methodist Spain Fund and the Cecil County Retired Teachers Association, 20 children in the Deep Roots program were sponsored this summer to a week at Camp Pecometh..

We nurture a spirit of joy; our aim is to strengthen the confidence of young people who live with enough fear and insecurity, supporting them in every way to grow into a flourishing adulthood. As we approach the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, please remember these with us. We need your help as much as possible this season as we are still working hard to stabilize and sustain the program of Deep Roots at Clairvaux Farm for many years ahead. Thanks always for your consideration and generosity.

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