Update for May, 2015

• Clairvaux Farm is full to overflowing with 11 families experiencing homelessness who are currently in residence. In the past year and a half we have made outstanding progress in our mission, particularly at Clairvaux Farm. When we began there in January, 2014 we faced the daunting task of repairing, renovating, and reconstructing all the residence buildings. As of May, 2015 these renovations are complete and we have achieved out housing capacity of 10 homeless families with children (yes, we accept even more when we have a couple of smaller families who can share an apartment.)

We have also made excellent progress on completing renovations on our new “Education Building” which will be completed by mid-summer, with the help of church youth mission trips.

• Camp Pecometh Scholarships are being generously offered to every child in the Deep Roots program in addition to all children in residence at Clairvaux Farm. We are encouraging every family to send their children to experience this potentially life-changing experience of Christian camp. We are still looking for additional funds to support families who need to purchase clothing, swimwear, and other necessities so their children can attend.

• We have a busy schedule of church mission groups and work camps scheduled for the summer. These young people and adults will work side by side with persons in residence at Clairvaux Farm to complete renovations and update the buildings and grounds. We are also planning to add enhancements to the playground including a covered bike rack, picnic area, and secure fencing for toddlers. There are still a few weeks open this summer for your church youth group to come and participate in building relationships and ongoing friendships with other children and young people at Clairvaux Farm.

• We now have the following Homeless Prevention Services in place at Clairvaux Farm:

♦ Count Your Blessings Exchange (Clothing for all ages / Household goods)
Every Saturday and 1st & 3rd Thursdays 9 am – noon

♦ “Faith in Action” Emergency Food Pantry 1st & 3rd Thursdays 8 am – 12 noon

♦ Furniture Barn (Used furniture available to families in need) Call 410-275-2194 for information

♦ Clairvaux Café (Providing meals & fellowship to any person or family)
Every Day in the Dining Hall – All invited Lunch: Noon-12:45 Dinner: 6:00-6:45

All above are free of charge / Families & singles are welcome!

For information or to inquire about volunteering, call or email:
Main Office Phone: 410-275-2194
Email: info@deeprootsinc.org
Mailing Address: PO Box 113, Earleville, MD 21919
Clairvaux Farm Address: 21 Veazey Cove Rd., Earleville MD 21919
Website: www.DeepRootsInc.org

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